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The What and Why of CloudGlue

CloudGlue is a scalable cloud application platform that used to deliver ready to run business solutions on, ready to be COMPLETELY customized if need be.

Today you may find a great cloud app that does almost everything you want it to, and quickly become a fan of it, committing your business to using it as an integral part of your business. It works greats, everyone in your organization loves it, and it's a major improvement to how you previously did things.

Sometime later your business changes, and you may want to customize the front end, or implement custom rules when actions are performed, or integrate with other cloud systems for a cross cloud workflow.

At this point you realise that great cloud app that did everything you want a year ago is no longer fit for purpose, and you'll have to replace it.

With CloudGlue based applications, you can customize everything - the front-end, the back-end, and everything in between.

Integrate with a growing range of other cloud solutions using our pre-built connectors.

Implement custom workflows using your own rules.

Theme your user interface just the way you want using regular HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Read more about how CloudGlue based solutions get you running quickly, or how you can use the CloudGlue platform to build your next gen cloud app