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Subtastic for Chargify

Ready to use customer self-service portal and replacement dashboard for Chargify.

We assume that you have some basic familiarity with Chargify and its terminology

Customer Self-Service Portal
The Subtastic customer portal provides all the features of the Chargify Billing Portal PLUS:
  • Completely customize the appearance (via themes) - modify the standard HTML/CSS/JS, add your own pages, change everything using our templates as a starting point.
  • Implement custom workflow (via end points) - integrate with other cloud systems such as Xero to update or pull data in response to portal actions. Do things like post a transaction to Xero on successful payment, create a job in Zendesk (coming Q1 2014) on signup.

Learn about the Subtastic Customer Portal.

Admin Console

The Subtastic Console aims to streamline Chargify administration.

A simple to use interface massively speeds up the management of subscriptions and improves visibility of things you want to see without having to navigate through a number of screens.

Learn about the Subtastic Admin Console.

Quickly create a Subtastic site using our Site wizard.