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Themes are a mechanism to separate the front end of a site from the back end execution implemented via end points.

Within themes you define:

  • Page templates - template content rendered using the open source Swig engine.
  • Resources - CSS, javascript, and other static content served from the CloudGlue CDN.

An unlimited number of themes are allowed per site.

Set the active theme for a site version to switch between themes.

When an end point is executed and it is associated with a page template, the end point code is executed, then the page template is rendered using data from the execution pipeline along with other data you inject via your end point. The screenshots below demonstrate how this all ties together.

Sample End Point

Sample Page Template

Sample Resource


What if you want to update your theme design and toggle between current and new? Simply create a new theme and change the active theme on the site version.

Theme Re-use and Sharing

You can clone, export, and import themes.


Simply click the Clone button on the Template home page and specify a new name, your theme will be cloned to a standalone copy.


Click Export to export your theme to a zip file.

Click Import to import your theme from a zip file. Any existing page templates or resources with duplicate names will be over-written.

Export/Import allows someone to provide a set of theme files they have developed elsewhere.