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Organizations are the top level entity for grouping related sites and all plans, solutions, and billing is managed at the organization level.

This allows multiple individual users accounts to be linked to multiple organizations and allows different payment/billing settings for each organizations if you are managing more than one.

On an organization you:

  • Access and add new sites
  • Manage users that have been assigned rights to view and manage this organization
  • Manage your plan
  • Manage billing

You can have an unlimited number of sites under an organization.

Add a new site, or click into an existing one to manage it.


Add/remove people who can access this organization.

If you enter an email that does not match an existing account the person will be emailed inviting them to signup to CloudGlue.


Select a plan that matches your feature and usage requirements. Plan usage is measured across all the sites in your organization.

View current pricing and features matrix here.


Configure your billing details, view transactions.