CloudGlue is in closed beta. Please email to request an invite.
Help is being rapidly developed, please bear with us.


Members are the people who use your site.

Standard member functionality is ready out of the box: signup, signin, forgot password, and password resets.

CloudGlue also implements an invitation mechanism where members can be sent an invite email with a URL that will sign them into the site without requiring a password.

Integration with facebook and twitter is coming Q1 2014.

Go through the Platform Quickstart to quickly create a sample site including a number of page templates and end points demonstrating various member based features including signin/signup, forgot password, reset password, and member email templates and event actions.

Member Management

Members are managed at the site level and are shared between site versions.

Click on a member to view activity and perform admin such as changing passwords.

Use the Ops dropdown on the members pager to perform actions such as triggering a Member Invite event.