CloudGlue is in closed beta. Please email to request an invite.
Help is being rapidly developed, please bear with us.

Console Intro

The CloudGlue console is where you manage, develop, and customize your own cloud applications or one of the ready to use solutions available for installation.

When you signup you will be directed to your account dashboard.

The screenshot above reflects the typical layout of all pages in the console.

The Tab Bar provides quick access to sections relevant to the page. A lot of pages have a Dashboard that is the default tab and displays useful info and access to commonly used functionality in a central place. The dashboard may be customizable.

Context icons will display when there is something relevant available for the current entity e.g. Site:

  • - Account notifications
  • - Context help
  • - Wizards help do common tasks quickly

Access your account profile via the dropdown next to the context icons.

Supported browsers: IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari Desktop 6+, Safari IOS, Android