CloudGlue is in closed beta. Please email to request an invite.
Help is being rapidly developed, please bear with us.


CloudGlue is built using a range of open source software glued together with our own blend of smarts:

  • Application Server: Node JS - hugely popular software platform used by many large organizations such as LinkedIn and eBay, with apps written in JavaScript.
  • Database: Mongo DB - the leading NoSQL database
  • Many open source modules (10'000s listed here)

We deploy CloudGlue on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform designed to scale as much as needed so applications stay responsive regardless of demand.

Our platform stack (simplified):

You maintain and develop CloudGlue solutions via our easy to use console.

Published sites are accessed at https://<site subdomain> (custom domains coming soon)

Read about site structure to understand how applications (we call them a site) are structured and executed.